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How to get Youtube embed code in new interface

May 1st, 2011

Youtube has been making changes to the interface recently. Today, I was trying to get the HTML embed code for a certain video from Youtube, and I had to break my head for about 10-15 minutes to figure out where the code is.  Possibly Youtube wants to hide its embed code, and hence discourage its usage. You see, it’s not very profitable for Youtube to spend its bandwidth & server resources for videos embedded on other sites.

Anyway, here it is. Just below the video – click the “Share” button. Now, a link to the video is displayed ready to be copied. Below that, there’s the small “Embed” button. Click it to get the embed code for the video. Hope this helps!

Sachin Ton & India Losing isn’t Myth, its Stats

March 15th, 2011

The intention of this post is not to hurt anyone, but to prove that the statistics presented to me by some people are plain rubbish. As an Indian, I want Sachin to score centuries & also India to win.

Let me make onething clear – I’m not trying to say that Sachin makes India lose by scoring centuries. All I’m trying to state here is, statistically India lose more when Sachin scores a century. This could be because – others don’t play well when Sachin does, or possibly even there’s a conspiracy in the team to lose when Sachin scores a century!

Let us assume that a hypothetical player has 15 centuries in winning cause. Would you say that he’s outstanding? Well may be – IF he had totally made 15 centuries and all 15 centuries were in winning causes. What if the player made 100 centuries and only 15 were in winning causes? Not so great yeah? That’s why we need to look at Team’s winning percentage, when a player scores a century. If you look the percentages below – you’ll find why the critics are complaining. Sachin’s centuries contribute the least to winning at 69%. You may say that the Indian team has been bad – but why has the team been so bad only when Sachin scores centuries? Ganguly has a 82% success rate & Sehwag has 93%.

Now, look at this table. Since 2004 India overall has a 57% winning rate. However, during the same period India has a 42% winning rate in matches where Sachin has scored a century, which is considerably low.

Why is this? Is there a conspiracy against Sachin in the team? Or is it just that the other players take it easy when Sachin plays well.

PS: I’m hoping that Sachin & other players would work on improving these numbers!

How money controls the Cricket World Cup

March 11th, 2011

The title of this article may sound controversial, but that’s the reality. As everyone knows, BCCI (India) is the financial power-house among the cricketing nations. Subcontinental countries – India, Pakistan, Srilanka & Bangladesh have the most passionate fan following, TV viewership of the matches, and hence the revenue – with India holding the lion’s share.

First, look at the structure of the World Cup. Two Groups – A & B. Two minnows in each group, and at the end of league games the top four teams would proceed to the so called “quarter finals”. The truth is there are only 8 teams worth competing in the World Cup. The world cup should ideally start with these 8 teams. Now, why did ICC do this? ICC has learnt it the hard-way from the previous world-cups. In 2007 World Cup, when India & Pakistan exited early from the World Cup the overall interest came down. The objective is to ensure that the teams stay long in the world-cup. Would you watch a Bangladesh vs England match, if India is already out of the world cup? So, for most part of the world cup meaningless league matches are held where the test playing nations make their fans happy by thrashing the minnows. While I don’t deny the fact that the minnows have played well in patches, clearly they seem to be a league away from the main teams.

Second, look at the schedule. India’s first four matches were against – Bangladesh, England, Ireland & Netherlands. Why not South Africa, West Indies & England first? You may say that it was by lot – I wouldn’t believe that. Once again, the objective was to ensure that the viewership was maintained at high levels by making India play against easier teams first. If India had first two games against South Africa, West Indies, and the third one against England. And suppose, if India had lost the first two games & tied the third one (as it happened) you wouldn’t really follow the other games.

Third, the media gave the Indian cricket team the “favorites” tag to win the world-cup. Why? Money again. Wouldn’t more of us follow the matches if “they” say that India is a favorite, knowing that the team’s bowling is weak & it has been that way for ages. “Experts” like Viv Richards, Wasim Akram etc wouldn’t hesitate to say that India are favorites – Saying so would get them some super publicity in Indian Media & chances in TV Talk Shows. Boils down to money!

Finally, all that India (or any other team) has to do is win one serious game (quarter finals), to enter the semi finals & keep their fans interested. And, win 2 serious games to enter the final, and make their fans crazy. If India reaches the final, maximum money would be made!

The cricket world cup, is an excellent case-study in the making to maximize revenue, using the law of probabilities!

So, who sells Fridges to Eskimos?

July 2nd, 2010

I keep getting visitors to my blog, looking for “who sells fridges to eskimos”. Sorry – I dont. And, search engines with their LSI based search results point to my blog. See, how easy it is to fool LSI!

Anyway, selling fridges to eskimos is no big deal. Eskimos do need fridges to keep their food from freezing. For example, in Savoonga (Alaska) literally every home has a fridge. In fact, some houses have more than one.  But yeah, in case you were an Eskimo & looking for where to actually get a fridge – I seriously don’t know!